22 January 2018

How to fight against spots - PSP and MDF

A fresh greasy spot should be cleaned with water and baby soap or cleaned with a wet napkin. Then add a second alcohol solution, acetone or broccoli, not more than 1 minute and then dry with a dry slice. Fuzzy spots can be removed by the cloud of clouds, the main thing is not to force A greasy spot MDF can remove a simple washing soap, we can also use a mascot alcohol and then polyrolyl To get rid of extra odors, we can use a slightly slippery piece of margarine solution or soap and then clean it with a dry slice It is also good for fighting the "Polarrow 2" If you can not get rid of the spot, you can use a laminate pencil.

The juice, wine or chocolate spot is spoiled with wet slices Coffee Spot - ethyl spirits The spots caused by cosmetics are slightly slipping the acetone cloud